Prophecy Night 1: God, Speaking Through the Word, is Pouring Out the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) Upon All Flesh

      Welcome to the description of Book Prophecy This Is The Refreshing: Night 1 by Carolyn Jane Siino!  We can observe the gift of prophecy.  See how the Holy Spirit is pouring out visions and revelations, aided by the prophetic method.  First seal confirms prophecy.  For FAQ on Night 1: Prophecy Night 1: Answers.

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Prophetic Breakthroughs 2001 in This Is The Refreshing: Night 1

". . . coming to all human beings of the earth is a new time of true prophecy:
'. . . this is the refreshing: . .' (Isaiah 28.12)." 
(p. 9)

"When we try to more fully understand The Refreshing, we discover that
The Refreshing is God interacting with human beings as the communing Word: . . ." 
(p. 49)

  1. We can observe the gift of prophecy.  The first basic way to observe the gift of prophecy is to observe how several spiritual gifts operate, thereby forming one or more revelations on paper.  Spiritual gifts are real, and we can demonstrate that there is a spiritual reality.  (pp. 9-10)

  2. The prophetic method is a way to aid the presentation and development of visions and revelations on paper.  With enhancements and confirmations, precision can be achieved.  (pp. 21-27 true prophecy experience, 31-32)

  3. A basic vision, operating as a design on paper, is the representation of the Holy Spirit.  Named Lovey Dove, the representation of the Holy Spirit already demonstrates how the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) is pouring out upon all flesh.  (pp. 39-42)

  4. Revelation 6.1-2's first seal is observable as a design on paper.  Revelation 6.1-2's first seal is open, confirming a prophecy.  (pp. 51-54)

  5. All revelations must consist of at least three levels of interpretation.  God has included the unbeliever on the first level.  A developed gift of prophecy manifests with a frequent, flowing showing of a fourth level of interpretation: a sign following the believer, or simply a sign following.  (pp. 12-13, 21-22, 54-55, 59-64 figures)

  6. Prophecy is more than a spiritual gift: it is also a field of knowledge.  Such prophecy is not definitive, but this fact does not make true prophecy false.  (pp. 30-31, 45-46)

  7. There is a way, which is accurate, to develop a broad vision and revelation.  When troubleshooting, we deliberately fine tune to eliminate retrofitting.  (pp. 25-27)

  8. Faith works with or without an individual's awareness.  The result is Biblical and worldly manifestations, thought to be unobservable, not to mention impossible.  (pp. 1-8, 11, 35-36, 39-40, 50-51, 61 figures)

  9. Preaching and teaching on The Holy Bible's written Word--and mere emotionalism over the living Word--cause believers to indulge in the forbidden practice of divination.  The result is false interpretation, confusion, and injustice.  (pp. 5-7, 15-19 false prophecy experience)

10. Several representations for God and the Word enable true interpretations of Bible scriptures.  Similarly, true interpretations of worldly things are enabled by their representations.  Initial representations are such designs as lines, circles, arcs, cups, and swords--parts of letters, numbers, other characters, and geometric figures.  (pp. 11-14, 24-25, 58-64 figures)

11. New tongues are now observable.  Tinkering with one seven-letter word enables us to know that the 2000 Presidential Election's butterfly ballot would not work justly in Florida--and that one word can be found in a dictionary.  As long as the Holy Spirit is leading, we can accurately explain and predict some worldly events, using visions and revelations.  (pp. 25-27)

12. The commandments tablets, the ark, and the covenant are now observable designs.  They have several functions.  (pp. 34-36, 41-44)

13. Primary precepts are right in The Holy Bible and can be found by correct reading of the scriptures.  Secondary precepts are observable in new words of knowledge.  (pp. 33-35 precepts experiences, 60 figure)

14. Elijah has come, but he has not yet restored all things.  He has come as Elias, a name which requires the use of the spiritual gift of interpretation of tongues.  (pp. 50-51)

15. We already have a clue which can be used as a tool to determine how Jesus will manifest.  Jesus is not now observable.  Who, then, consistent with the relevant scriptures, opened Revelation 6.1-2's first seal?  (pp. 50-54 seal opening experience, 55-56, 61 figure, 64 figure)

16. True prophecy is distinguishable from false prophecy.  Many without a vision have been keeping believers and scoffers alike on baby food, but God has determined a consumption of meat.  (pp. 19, 30-31)

Allow yourself to increase in your spiritual development, by following the true prophecy of Night 1!  From $16.00 in Bookstore.  (the development of basic visions and revelations and interpretation of tongues)

Note: In Prophecy Truths, (03-21-04) Jesus Demonstrated the Prophetic Method went online, offering a prophetic word of knowledge about how Jesus prophesied, thereby beginning to authenticate This Is The Refreshing: Night 1 by Carolyn Jane Siino.

Back Cover of This Is The Refreshing: Night 1


            This little book is the beginning of an empirical
study of The Holy Bible and even God.  As a result of
the prophetic method's use of visions and revelations
to interpret scriptures, we can experience Joel 2.28:

            And it shall come to pass afterward, that
            I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; . .
            (Joel 2.28).

Will you be one who God will enable to experience
the Holy Spirit?

            . . . and your sons and your daughters
            shall prophesy, your old men shall dream
            dreams, your young men shall see visions:
            (Joel 2.28).

Rejoice, because God's prophetic method offers not
one but three levels of prophecy.  Now, in addition to
the prevalent born again interpretation of scriptures,
God is revealing the unregenerate interpretation . . .
and the baptized interpretation.  Are you sure that
you are a believer or a skeptic (a doubter) or an
unbeliever or one unexposed to God?  Invest in your
spiritual development, by determining the answers to
such important questions.  Learn also how precepts,
or revelatory directives, guide toward answers.  Then,
relax, and be blessed--by
the vision and revelation of      
the opening of the first seal          ISBN  0-9611860-2-X
of Revelation 6.1-2.                                                         

Includes scriptures which                             [coding]
enhance and confirm.

Testimonies/Buyers on This Is The Refreshing: Night 1

Testimony - Growing in Spiritual Gifts (04-12-08) T.O. in New York, U.S.A.: "This book is powerful: it strengthens my faith, increases my patience, and gives me peace. Being this way, when I now look at spiritual things or see all the things going on in the world, I know that I am growing in spiritual gifts, too." (Note: O.T. knows that increasing in spiritual fruit is prerequisite to growing in spiritual gifts.)

Testimony - Things Have Been Happening Spiritually (03-10-04) E.W. in New York, U.S.A.: "Believe it or not, I found your book quite confusing, but things have been happening to me recently--spiritually, to my great surprise--and I am beginning to understand things . . . slowly.  Even talking with you helped me see things better.  I want to know the right way in life; I have never been more open to the 'truth' than right now."  (Note: E.W. knows that God can whammy with the Holy Spirit of Truth those who seek Him so that they begin to experience God with spiritual sight and spiritual hearing.  Now, E.W., led by the Holy Spirit, needs to reread Night 1--and to live life more abundantly.)

Testimony - Incredible Book Might Open Eyes (10-23-02) J.H. in Maryland, U.S.A.: "I started reading your book, and I'm really enjoying it.  So far I'm in agreement with everything you have to say, but you know I'm a believer in prophecy.  I think it's incredible, and it would be great if more people could read it, because I think it might open some people's eyes."  (Note: J.H. agrees with the book's opening inspirational chapters on "How To Reach God" and "Where To Find God.")

Buyer - Determined Muslim (05-18-02) R.R. in New York, U.S.A.: "But I want to read it."  (Note: R.R. is Muslim.)

Buyer - Hungry for the Truth (05-18-02) Y.P. in New York, U.S.A., visiting from India: "I am a retired engineer.  When I return to India, I will read this book, studying everything."  (Note: Since Y.P. could not afford to purchase this book, his American cousin bought a copy for him.)

Buyer - Spirit-led in Spanish (05-18-02) S.B. in New York, U.S.A.: "My English is not that good, but the people who study the Bible with me know English better and will tell me what is in it."  (Note: S.B.'s native language is Spanish.)

Buyer - Spiritual Father (05-18-02) A.A. in New York, U.S.A.: "I will have my daughter, who is 14, read it.  Then, I will send it to my older daughter in Florida to read it."  (Note: A.A. is a Christian from Egypt.)

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