Prophecy Kryptos: Solving Kryptos K4, Tongues Confirmation, and Practical Persuasion
Part 2.
 Tongues Confirmation (Tongues Confirms Kryptos Interpretations)
(Here: The More Simple Substitution Method - See Also: The Detail Method)

      Welcome to "Prophecy Kryptos: Solving Kryptos K4, Tongues Confirmation, and Practical Persuasion."  Suggestion: begin with Part 1. Solving Kryptos K4.  The analysis of Kryptos K4 (the part 4 coding) is a demonstration of what we can achieve when we simply play mathematically and verbally with letters.  On this page's Part 2. Tongues Confirmation (Tongues Confirms Kryptos Interpretations), to understand and explain the meaning of the solution of K4, we will examine some interpretations of tongues as either confirmations or prophetic words of knowledge.

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Part 2. Tongues Confirmation  (Tongues Confirms Kryptos Interpretations)

2.a. One Revelation of the Word "Kryptos" is Confirming BROOKLYNOK

      One revelation--comprised of four levels of words of knowledge, the last of which is a sign following--of the word "kryptos" is confirming BROOKLYNOK.  Review Conquering Kryptos K4 in Part 1.

      The relevant unregenerate interpretation of the word "kryptos" on the first level of spiritual development is: kryptos = tropysk = IIII rop y sk = I rop IIIy sk = I rob IIIy sk = I rob NY sk = I rob NY cck = I rob NY c'sk = I rob NY cks = I rob NY checks = First, rob NY checks.  We reject this unregenerate interpretation, because it has nothing to do with the determined solution and everything to do with fear, doubt, and unbelief.

      The relevant born again interpretation of the word "kryptos" on the second level of spiritual development is: kryptos = stop ryk = stop IJIIIk = stop JIIII k = stop CIIIIl k = stop I00IIIIl k = stop 0IIIIIl 0K = stop aIIIIl OK = stop aII + _ OK = stop aII w _ OK = stop all width _ OK = stop all with _ OK = stop all with underline OK = Stop all with OK.

      The relevant baptized interpretation of the word "kryptos" on the third level of spiritual development is: kryptos = proskty = broskty = brocckty = brookty = brookIIIIy = brooklyIII = brooklyN = BROOKLYN.  With the Holy Spirit leading, we should expect to reveal OK before BROOKLYN, because in The Holy Bible ". . . the interpretation of tongues:" (First Corinthians 12.10) works according to ". . . the last shall be first" (Matthew 19.30)PRECISION.

      The sign following of the word "kryptos" on the fourth level of spiritual development is: kryptos = post kyr = post K III IJ = post KIIII J = post K4 J = post K4 CI = post K4 I00 I = post K4 0I0 I = post K4 a0 I = post K4 acc I = post K4 as I = Post K4 as won.  

      There is already another revelation by interpretation of tongues of the word "kryptos" irrelevant to this prophecy.

2.b. K4 Is Prophesying Who Will Solve Kryptos K4

      Following is a prophetic word of knowledge.  Does God lack a sense of humor?  Review Conquering Kryptos K4 in Part 1.

      K4 begins with OBKR = -OBKR = minus OBKR.  Therefore, eliminate OBKR from BROOKLYNOK to get OLYNOK.  Since K4 ends with CAR, add CAR to OLYNOK to get the following:


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      Part 3. Practical Persuasion

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