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Answers on "Prophecy Kryptos"

Mathematics and Prophecy Can Work Together - Science and Religion Mix (08-29-12) I. in U.S.A.: "While your faith might help you with a solution to Kryptos, it is not necessarily a repeatable methodology which can be utilized by others.  That is what this solution requires: a repeatable, verifiable methodology."  It seems to me that Website Page "Solving Kryptos K4" presents the steps of a repeatable and verifiable methodology, given that I used mathematics to arrive at BROOKLYNOK.  My admitted additional use of faith in a prophecy does not change the rigor of the effort.  Would you shoot your politically correct soapy water pistol at a scientist who admitted petting a dirty old rabbit's foot while presenting observable facts?  As for the rest of that page, while the BROOKLYNOK solution is of Kryptos as the open S-shaped scroll, I envision the rewards as though they were on the surface of Kryptos had it been a closed cylindrical scroll and the pun as though it were the hidden axis flowing through the center of this envisioned closed cylindrical scroll.  Hence the word "kryptos" means "hidden," and one's arrival at the BROOKLYNOK solution coincides with one's arrival at the open S-shaped scroll (after two circular tours of K4 within the sculpture such that the two circles would represent the two rims of the envisioned closed cylindrical scroll).  Why Website Page "Tongues Confirmation" confirms the solution is a matter requiring advancing from narrowmindedness to broadmindedness: since a written tongue can reveal new things, despite being a peculiarity of religion, why would we want to continue to rely for truth on science alone?

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