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Answers on "Prophecy 9-11-01"

New York - Prophesied in The Holy Bible (07-15-04) D.B. in United Kingdom: "I could not find any reference to Revelation 18 on your website.  Please read this in light of 09-11-01."  Although Revelation 18 does describe New York as a type of Babylon, realize that in verse 21, we read ". . . a stone. . . ."  Since in The Holy Bible a stone is a false interpretation, verses 21 - 24 are false.  Indeed, they do not correctly describe the fate of New York as of 9-11-01.  God, our perfect role model, is merciful.  Accordingly, in reading The Holy Bible, we must not interject into the scriptural verses our own fleshy speculations about their interpretation; instead, for interpretation we must allow the Holy Spirit to give us an increasing number of words of knowledge tantamount to words of wisdom, or revelations--in the framework of a spiritual understanding of God's everlasting master plan.

Prediction - 9-11-01 (05-18-02) Various Voices in U.S.A.: "I do not think that it was possible for any American to conceptualize the events of 9-11-01."  This opinion seems plausible: I know of no American who visioned the events of 9-11-01 in their entirety.  However, we now know from this website that if it be the will of God, a future attack can be not only visioned but also revealed so that better precautions might be taken to reverse an adverse prophecy!  On what factors, other than the will of God, does reversing an adverse prophecy depend?  Prayers and word of mouth help.  Yet, the prophetic method must be recognized as deserving respectful attention, which is to say, these actions also help: advocacy and financial support.

Prophecy - Too Important To Be Too Simple (01-28-04) D.B. in United Kingdom: "In my opinion, you are going too deeply into it: Jesus was simple, and the Bible tells us to be simple."  Jesus did speak simply at times, but his disciples were often puzzled by his words and asked him questions to get wisdom and understanding.  Other individuals supplied their own incorrect answers: unregenerate in more than their speech, they unrighteously imputed to Jesus such indignities as devil possession and blasphemy.  To know the truth--and the truth is God--The Holy Bible instructs us, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (Second Timothy 3.15).  Hearing the spoken Word taught/preached without the living Word taking permanent root in us is not good enough.  Prophecy makes us study the written (and spoken) Word in depth until God, as the living Word, indwells us.  God, not prophecy, imputes to us God's stamp of approval: righteousness.

Prophetic Method - Omissions (08-31-02) D.S. in California, U.S.A.: "I suspect that the prophetic method has another set of rules which may be applicable here."  Since I know that you read This Is The Refreshing: Night 1 by Carolyn Jane Siino, recall that sometimes interpretations yield secondary precepts; however, God is not providing secondary precepts in this Website Prophecy of Prophecy 9-11-01: Visions and Revelations, Bible Confirmation, and Sign 'It' With the Kingdom or in its Accompanying Study of Prophecy 9-11-01: Interpretation of Tongues.

Prophets/Prophetesses - Possible Today (06-08-02) Dissenting Voice (paraphrased) in Hawaii, U.S.A.: "Who produces this thing as prophecy?"  God.  Prophet Isaiah predicted that God would speak through the Word with ". . . stammering lips and another tongue. . ." (Isaiah 28.11).  Anyone to whom God so speaks relevant to a vision and/or a dream can witness, as a prophet or a prophetess, His Word.  This new thing of God is explained in more detail in This Is The Refreshing: Night 1 by Carolyn Jane Siino.

Twin Towers - Not Revelation's Two Witnesses (10-23-07) R.C. in United Kingdom: "Events of the last ten years appear in the book of Revelation in the same order they actually occurred."  The angel's ". . . two witnesses, . . ." (Revelation 11.3) are not the Twin Towers but God and the Word, confirming ". . . the angel. . ." (Revelation 11.1).  Nor do ". . . forty and two months" (Revelation 11.2) and ". . . thousand two hundred and threescore days, . . ." (Revelation 11.3) refer to times but to geographical locations, "And he [God] changeth the times and the seasons: . ." (Daniel 2.21).  We now know of the occurrence of global warming with the towers falling, "And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall" (Isaiah 30.25).

Website - Thought Provoking (06-13-02) L.C. in Germany: "Thanks for sending me your website address.  I find it very interesting."  I infer that by the pronoun "it," you mean that you find the website very interesting.  However, be careful: as you study the Website Prophecy of Prophecy 9-11-01: Visions and Revelations, Bible Confirmation, and Sign 'It' With the Kingdom, you will discover that the pronoun "it" will soon enough have a special reference, whether as "it" or "It" or "iT" or "IT.

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