New Prophecy Movement Incites Holy Spirit Led Spiritual Revival

      What is the New Prophecy Movement?  The Prophetess reveals and explains hidden Biblical and worldly truths (which many prefer would stay hidden) when, with the world's only written tongue, she matches secret words to visions on paper as designs in God's new thing: the prophetic method.  So it is no surprise that the New Prophecy Movement incites Holy Spirit led spiritual revival in only those who want to experience and are experiencing God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit).  Although The Prophetess would like to focus on producing several books as the in progress prophecy/economics book on effecting economic recovery, currently The Prophetess is fighting as follows:  

The New Prophecy Movement Attacks the Evil Destroying the Holy Spirit Led . . . . The Prophetess Exposes Destructive Lies in Media-Hyped Religion . . . . The Prophetess Exposes Destructive Persecution in New York City Government . . . . The Supporters' First Fund Aims To Raise $100,000 To Free The Prophetess 

Understand: The Prophetess, threatened 11-29-13 also with police action, soon may not be able to answer e-mails without access to her own money, a place to live, and business and personal property, but write to her mailing address.  Can you believe that in the city of New York, USA, this can happen to anyone poor who has needed answers to Biblical and worldly questions but must play the social activist?   

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The New Prophecy Movement Attacks the Evil Destroying the Holy Spirit Led  The Holy Spirit has been pouring out upon all flesh, but evil has been relentlessly destroying those seeking God's righteousness.  Consequently, too few have chosen to be Holy Spirit led, replacing faith with fear, giving with hoarding, socializing with hiding, speaking out with keeping silent, etc.  God's answer has been the New Prophecy Movement, which does increase individuals' levels of spiritual development, by providing prophecies with visions, revelations, and tongue interpretations, some strengthened by mathematics.  Refreshing, the Spirit of Truth would be irresistible and spiritual revival would be evident in the world but for the destroying influence of evil.  Hence the New Prophecy Movement and The Prophetess are threatened with eliminationPRAY: Holy Spirit in the air, come into me and help me to prosper: to know you, God, and to be and have better in the world. 

The Prophetess Exposes Destructive Lies in Media-Hyped Religion  Prevalent Christian preaching and teaching is that Jesus is God and that Jesus will return to rapture away from evil, for the most part, accommodating church crowds.  Jesus, the Son, speaking to God, the Father, called God, the Father, ". . . thee the only true God, . . ." (John 17.3) and added, "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil" (John 17.15).  Jesus preached to all, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; . ." (Matthew 6.33), requiring ". . . the gospel of the kingdom, . ." (Matthew 9.35), not the gospel of Jesus, because ". . . the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17.21).  The kingdom is your perception of what is the manifestation to you of God, the Word, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, and your individualized perception within you will not be set up outside of you as a new world.  PRAY: God, use the Word to lead me with your Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Truth, even teaching me about Jesus so that I know your righteousness.

The Prophetess Exposes Destructive Persecution in New York City Government  The often misled faith community has done a poor job funding the New Prophecy Movement.  As a result, The Prophetess is facing eviction due to owing much back rent.  Supposedly, the government of the city of New York devised a guardianship to help The Prophetess, at first calling her "mentally impaired" and later dancing around "incapacitated."  Remaining under the control of The Guardian From Hell, The Prophetess is expected to survive on roughly 20% of her insufficient Social Security retirement benefit--obviously, a way to destroy her life, this website, the publishing company, its book inventory, and valuable notes for several future books.  The plan is to destroy, silence, and eliminate.  Do you want The Prophetess to be moved to some undisclosed (even to her) place and stripped completely of her rights to make decisions and to have access to all of this valuable property, which will be stored and possibly sold, if not parts of it indiscriminately thrown away?  Is this what has happened to tens of thousands precious people in New York shelters from whom we have never heard one peep?  PRAY: God, provide wealthy individuals, who are willing to finance what the poor have been financing and trusting to be the fruit of God's new thing: His produced answers.  Powerful Holy Spirit, reveal both spiritual and worldly truth, and free from evil control any of your people and property scheduled for elimination!  

The Supporters' First Fund Aims To Raise $100,000 To Free The Prophetess  Meet some of God's precious humble folks, the initial supporters of the New Prophecy Movement.  Read their prayer requests:

After wife's stroke, "We submit always to you."         Battling roaches, "Help me with the anxiety."         A homebound caregiver, ". . . to help us to support other needy people."         Grateful, "To Carolyn, one of the most spiritual persons I've ever met."         Content at a senior center, "Bless us all.  Thank you, God."         After repeated surgery, "I WANNA LIVE."

Send donations and prayer requests to Carolyn Jane Siino, Lucky Literature, P.O. Box 170050, Ozone Park, NY 170050.  Thank you.

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