God's New Thing: Wisdom, Knowledge, and Mathematics

      God is developing, as His new thing, new revelations in the evolving body of knowledge known as prophecy.  A simple revelation is a word of wisdom.  A simple revelation (a word of wisdom) consists of three levels of interpretation corresponding to three levels of spiritual development--sometimes with another level as a sign following.  Also, within each simple revelation, each level of interpretation involves some type of interpretation of tongues.  Any one such level of interpretation, when standing alone, is a simple word of knowledge.  Whether working with a simple revelation (a word of wisdom) or one of its particular interpretations (a word of knowledge), deception abounds so that in the interest of true prophecy, a vision is required to provide credibility to levels of interpretation.  Visions are in shorter supply than revelations.  So for a broad revelation, which is usually an abundance of revelations, to be credible requires a broad vision.  However, a broad revelation may be an abundance of words of knowledge--from different simple revelations--in which case more than a vision may be required for credibility.  When credibility requires mathematics, the mathematics can be very effective in the form of geometry with equations.  New revelations, most revealing of God's new thing, involve a mix of the above revelatory elements.

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A Developing Record of God's New Thing

(09-13-01) Book Prophecy This Is The Refreshing: Night 1 by Carolyn Jane Siino was published.  This prophecy book was supposed to be published on 9-11-01, but the prophetess was scheduled to work long that day at a poll site in New York.  Therefore, the printer was to deliver this prophecy book on 9-12-01.  As a result of the events of 9-11-01, upon a new agreement, this prophecy book was delivered and thus published on 9-13-01, the third day into the vastly escalated terrorist threat and the Islamic thrust for recognition of the Koran.  This prophecy book offers a simple world revelation, sufficing as a broad world revelation, with a broad world vision--all to thoroughly examine the prophetic method.  This prophecy book also offers a broad Bible revelation with a broad Bible vision: the representation of the Holy Spirit, known as Lovey Dove.  Yet another broad vision--that of the open first seal of Revelation in that already Elias has first come--enables Bible interpretation to confirm by word of knowledge the numerous simple Bible revelations which explain MIRACLE #1: GOD, SPEAKING THROUGH THE WORD, IS POURING OUT HIS SPIRIT (THE HOLY SPIRIT) UPON ALL FLESH.

(05-18-02) www.awakenedtodoprophecy.com went online, offering true prophecy.  This website emphasizes prophecy (requiring a vision), revelation (word of wisdom), word of knowledge, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy answers.  The Website Prophecy "Prophecy 9-11-01: Visions and Revelations, Bible Confirmation, and Sign 'It' With the Kingdom" with its Accompanying Study "Prophecy 9-11-01: Interpretation of Tongues" has never been disproved.  Meanwhile, the people of the world continue to choose to remain in darkness (ignorance), preferring false prophecy: fictionalized accounts of future events which are prophesied to occur or words of knowledge which, unsubstantiated by either visions or mathematics, usually amount to fortune telling.  Some of this fortune telling uses such words as "awakened" and "night," stolen from this website, but such theft having been foreseen by the prophetess . . . notice how first occurrences of content are deliberately dated on this website.  Seek God's wisdom, not human speculation! 

(03-21-04) In Prophecy Truths(03-21-04) Jesus Demonstrated the Prophetic Method went online, offering a prophetic word of knowledge about how Jesus prophesied, thereby beginning to authenticate Book Prophecy This Is The Refreshing: Night 1 by Carolyn Jane Siino.  People continue to disregard the fact that God is talking to His people today, and a few are sticking with their verdict of the living Word: paranoid schizophrenia. 

(04-04-04) God said, "debacle."  We await the "debacle" which will drive people to God, His various holy books, and true prophecy.  What does this mean?  Ask your false prophets/prophetesses!  Also coming: the use of mathematics to confirm prophecy.

(02-26-06) The great news is that early in His plan, God will reveal visions and words of knowledge on otherwise invisible phenomena.  There will be an evolving of the link of religion with science; specifically, prophecy will link with mathematics and physics.  God's love is such that He will assuage worldly fears before He corrects misinterpretation of The Holy Bible and the Koran, His double-portion Holy Spirit way of bringing world peace.  Start spreading the great news!

(03-02-08) "Home of the New Prophecy Movement" appeared on the website.  The New Prophecy Movement requires true prophecy to be confirmed by the Holy Spirit of The Holy Bible and Koran.  Expect that slowly but surely much false interpretation of The Holy Bible, Koran, and world events will be replaced by true interpretation.  True prophecy is the fruit of God's new thing.

(05-18-12) Appearing on the home page: "WEBSITE'S TENTH ANNIVERSARY ANNOUNCEMENT: Coming very soon: the prophetic decoding of a governmental challenge."

(07-27-12) In Website Prophecy "Prophecy Kryptos: Solving Kryptos K4, Tongues Confirmation, and Practical Persuasion" the prophetess tried to solve K4 (the part 4 coding) on the sculpture "Kryptos" using mathematics, introduced a substitution tongue for the word "kryptos" to confirm the solution, and found clues which agree with the solution.  The correctness of this prophecy depends on the judgment of its sculptor, James Sanborn, who encoded K1 through K4 for decoding.  It is believed that K4 has not been decoded since the 1990 dedication of "Kryptos," and the sculpture presents one of the top ten puzzle challenges in the world.  

(10-25-12) An Accompanying Crystalization "Prophecy Kryptos: Prophetic Method With Mathematics Confirmation" was added to Website Prophecy "Prophecy Kryptos: Solving Kryptos K4, Tongues Confirmation, and Practical Persuasion."  Using sculptor James Sanborn's clues of "the apex of the pyramid" and "Berlin," the prophetess confirmed with statistical significance on the world map the solution to K4 of BROOKLYNOK.

(10-30-12) Added to the Accompanying Crystalization "Prophecy Kryptos: Prophetic Method With Mathematics Confirmation" was a clue from Hurricane Sandy, giving food for thought to the existence of prophecy, the prophetic method, and God and giving challenges to the mathematician.

(01-07-13) Appearing on the home page: "God with the Holy Spirit is here and waiting to bless the minds of receptive human beings, but too many have been taught to await a return of God's son, Jesus!"  True interpretation is the most important reason for the New Prophecy Movement.

(01-28-13) Mathematics Challenge "Prophecy Kryptos: First Mathematics Challenge To Prove That God Exists" was created to address Accompanying Crystalization "Prophecy Kryptos: Prophetic Method With Mathematics Confirmation" hopefully corrected 01-27-13 for the last time.

(09-24-13) In Website Prophecy "Prophecy Syria: God Is Teaching God Is One God, the Father, and Advising See the Prophetic Method" with Accompanying Poetic Exhortation "Prophecy Syria: Eviction and Apostasy: Two Rap Songs by The Prophetess" the prophetess exhorted human beings to no longer blaspheme God and emphasized that threats of eviction and apostasy plague the prophetess and have not aided in the production of Night 2, a prophecy/economics book.

(10-08-13) Poetic Exhortation "Prophecy Syria: Persecution and Dignity: Two Rap Songs by The Prophetess" offers rap songs which are more revealing about the life of The Prophetess.

(11-30-13) The Prophetess finally answers what is the New Prophecy Movement with "New Prophecy Movement Incites Holy Spirit Led Spiritual Revival" despite facing a possible loss of her life, such business property as this very website, and more.

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